Emotions, Awareness, Personal Responsibility

By Cheryl Bourget My perceptions about people, places and situations in my life fuel the power to create… to stimulate my “feelings, and flow of emotional well-being”. My heart energy is an indicator of – how I AM mentally viewing … Continue reading

There Is No “Out There”

By Cheryl Bourget The perspective that helps me during collective movement is – there is no out there! If each of us… tuned in to our individual core connection to the Matrix of Energy that connects us all, AND accepted … Continue reading

Listening to My Heart

By Cheryl Bourget When I was younger, I misunderstood the concept of listening to my heart. My egoistic perception of “listening to my heart” meant looking outward at my situation with its participants and becoming a warrior fighting for what … Continue reading

Meeting & Remembering My Essential Self

I appreciate where I live and my relationship to the Earth and her creatures, here on the Sonoran Dessert. I first experienced my relationship to the Earth and her children in New England (NE). At a very young age I would … Continue reading

Preparing to Begin Her Journey…

I had an email exchange today with a new client preparing to begin her journey of – remembering and realigning with her physical wellbeing. She has been in her state of dis-ease for twelve plus years now. The sharing below is a … Continue reading

Mind Mastery Invitational Success Retreat 2016

~ Be the ARCHITECT of your FUTURE ~ We are VERY EXCITED to be LEADING the Phelps Capital & Consulting, Inc. Mind Mastery Invitational Success Retreat in beautiful Sedona, AZ January 7 – 10, 2016 For details and registration, CLICK HERE … Continue reading

March 2015 Newsletter

Greetings friends! For those in the northern hemisphere, we are near completion of the season of hibernation and dormancy – a time for quietude, introversion and reflection. While cradled in the dark womb of winter, allowing light to incrementally increase … Continue reading