You are the Soul Source of Your Abundant Supply and Prosperity!

By Cheryl Bourget * Revised and updated – originally published April 16, 2012 You are the Soul Source of your abundant supply and prosperity – not your job, investments, spouse, or parents. What you have on the outer is determined … Continue reading

Emotions, Awareness, Personal Responsibility

By Cheryl Bourget My perceptions about people, places and situations in my life fuel the power to create… to stimulate my “feelings, and flow of emotional well-being”. My heart energy is an indicator of – how I AM mentally viewing … Continue reading

There Is No “Out There”

By Cheryl Bourget The perspective that helps me during collective movement is – there is no out there! If each of us… tuned in to our individual core connection to the Matrix of Energy that connects us all, AND accepted … Continue reading

Listening to My Heart

By Cheryl Bourget When I was younger, I misunderstood the concept of listening to my heart. My egoistic perception of “listening to my heart” meant looking outward at my situation with its participants and becoming a warrior fighting for what … Continue reading

Meeting & Remembering My Essential Self

I appreciate where I live and my relationship to the Earth and her creatures, here on the Sonoran Dessert. I first experienced my relationship to the Earth and her children in New England (NE). At a very young age I would … Continue reading

Preparing to Begin Her Journey…

I had an email exchange today with a new client preparing to begin her journey of – remembering and realigning with her physical wellbeing. She has been in her state of dis-ease for twelve plus years now. The sharing below is a … Continue reading