Sport of Creation from the Sweet Spot

By Cheryl Bourget * Revised and updated – originally published September 19, 2012 Are you dwelling in the Now? Are you aware of the gap between where you are and where you want to be? The “Now” is simply wherever … Continue reading

Destruction and Renewal

  Pleasantness liberated into Bliss! I was found today spending time in one of my favorite Earth power spots by my office. There is a lot to learn from Earth, the stones. Earth has been stable for me throughout all my … Continue reading

Immersion into Consciousness – Summary of a 3-Day 1:1 Coaching Experience

~ Following is the summary of eight blog entries that tracked a 3-day, in-person, 1:1 coaching experience that took place in late September 2016 ~ Road Trip – Transformation on the Beach I love road trips, especially when the destination … Continue reading

Immersion into Consciousness Conclusion – Courage and Freedom

Day 3 of my 1:1 immersion with an awe-inspiring, courageous man has come to an end. He is going home with many takeaways!! I always appreciate how each individual personalizes and reflects back his or her experience of our work … Continue reading

Ocean Inspiration – Day 3 – Immersion into Consciousness

“Feelings are much like waves – We can’t stop them, but we can choose which ones to surf.” Unknown Day 3 of immersion begins and I was reminded on my beach run this morning that I am here in San … Continue reading

Day 2 Immersion – We Have Persevered!

Day 2 of immersion closing and we have persevered! We have taken the steps necessary to transform what needed adjustment, cleared the plate of that which does not serve ….the Source of an Epic Life! 👏🏻💙 Inspired Action Plan tomorrow! Cheryl … Continue reading

Beautiful Morning – Day 2 of Transformation Begins

Beautiful morning rising! Day 2 of transformation begins. The oracle spoke for us all, I believe. May you enjoy an expansive day, deep surrender into acceptance, and embrace all of you! 💙 Perseverance “Your prayers, intentions, surrender, and trust in the … Continue reading

As the Sun Sets – Immersion into Consciousness – Day 1

Sun is setting on day one of my 1 :1 client Immersion into Mapping Consciousness. Courage and compassion are leading. Awareness is emerging. Healing is happening. All is well! Cheryl – Mission Beach – September 26, 2016 … Continue reading

Day 1 – Immersion into Consciousness – 1:1 Coaching

Day one of my 1:1 client Immersion into Mapping Consciousness has begun. I have set our table for opening ritual and ceremony of aligning with the energies of the Seven Directions and Sacred Circle. Honoring the Seven Directions is a … Continue reading

Transformation Destination Reached!

Ha! So good to be at the beach! It’s been such a long dry spell on the desert!👏🏻😊 Settling in, shifting focus and chilling before we immerse ourselves into early morning sacred ceremony to get us grounded and ready for … Continue reading