I Was Seeking the Philosopher’s Stone and Found an Opportunity to Serve

  By Cheryl Bourget In my Hermetic studies, there were seven operations in a transformative process, both for physical alchemy as well as spiritual alchemy. I had made a 1-year commitment to work with my Hermetic teacher, Susan. She was to teach the ancient wisdom … Continue reading

Embracing the Necessity of Becoming Uncomfortable in 2016

  By Cheryl Bourget In 2016, I allowed myself to experience life on my terms while assisting others in knowing and allowing living life on their terms. Life has never been yummier and it feels fabulous! I took full responsibility … Continue reading

Winter Solstice, Long Night Moon and the Feminine

By Cheryl Bourget I love this time of year, the period of winter solstice. I am very much surrendered into the yin of my summer solstice yang – the period of bright sunny warmth, outward activities and participation. The sun, … Continue reading

Sport of Creation from the Sweet Spot

By Cheryl Bourget * Revised and updated – originally published September 19, 2012 Are you dwelling in the Now? Are you aware of the gap between where you are and where you want to be? The “Now” is simply wherever … Continue reading

Immersion into Consciousness – Summary of a 3-Day 1:1 Coaching Experience

~ Following is the summary of eight blog entries that tracked a 3-day, in-person, 1:1 coaching experience that took place in late September 2016 ~ Road Trip – Transformation on the Beach I love road trips, especially when the destination … Continue reading

Ocean Inspiration – Day 3 – Immersion into Consciousness

“Feelings are much like waves – We can’t stop them, but we can choose which ones to surf.” Unknown Day 3 of immersion begins and I was reminded on my beach run this morning that I am here in San … Continue reading