March 2015 Newsletter

YSC imageGreetings friends!

For those in the northern hemisphere, we are near completion of the season of hibernation and dormancy – a time for quietude, introversion and reflection. While cradled in the dark womb of winter, allowing light to incrementally increase each day, we are in the contemplation and planning phase of creation. Where am I now? What do I know? What do I want and need to know? What are the patterns waiting in cue to be released, so that light may enter and illuminate a new path? We reflect and prepare our plan as we approach the welcomed renewal and rebirth phase of spring.

We too, at YSC, are deep into creating our 2015 and we have put together new information and programs. Cheryl is excited to share what she has learned from living the teachings of her Shaman and Alchemist training. Her experience in the One Heart has allowed her to align with and expand into her IDEAL life and, hence be in service to ALL life and the planet.

Although Shamanism and Alchemy are ancient practices, they are relevant today to all who are seeking to live an IDEAL life, full of harmony and deep connection to wellness. Through the offerings at YSC, Cheryl is sharing a variety of practices that will help you to cultivate and trust your inner being and connection to Source through INTUITION. When the sacred practices of Shamanism and Alchemy are combined with practical tools, strategies and inspired actions steps you can holistically expand and live your IDEAL life in all directions.

Check out our recently created webpages for our Animal Communication and Business Coaching offerings along with our new Philanthropy page. Currently in the planning stage, with details to emerge soon, are two workshops coming in late April 2015: 

  • Animal Communication – Rediscovering you Interspecies Telepathic Communication Abilities
  • Innovative Visioning – Teaming Up with Source to Create Your IDEAL Outcome – for leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs

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We are looking forward to partnering with you in your expansion and creation of 2015. Let us know what you think – feel free to leave us a comment on Facebook, under a blog post, or email us privately.  We appreciate your feedback!

As always, we look forward to playing with you in the realm of possibilities!

In the light and sound of Love,

Cheryl & Heidi

Your Source Connection


Ground into Mother Earth to Transform and Expand Your Ideal Life

By Cheryl Bourget

Grounding is one of the most powerful strategies that I use in my personal and professional life and a practice all of my clients learn and use – coupled with meditation of course – throughout our work together. Grounding not only has psychological benefits, it has health and wealth benefits too. If you are having difficulty focusing or you are feeling stressed, you are probably not grounded. When you are grounded, you have the ability to be – OPEN as a CONDUIT – thereby flowing Source Energy through your entire being.  Yummy!   This life force energy is circulated through you and deposited into the core crystal of Earth Mother, thereby activating the earth energy matrix and the Law of Attraction to draw to you all material, physical, financial and essential resources you require to – experience Your Ideal LIFE.  Juicy!

To ground is to gather all of your energy and power to consciously connect with Mother Earth. Grounding is more than just putting down roots into the earth. It also involves pulling up energy from Earth Mother into your body. Just as the roots of a tree are the vehicle for the transportation of nourishment to the tree, so too, must we use our power to visualize our roots to bring in the nourishment of Mother Earth energy.   This is best accomplished by spending distraction-free time outside in nature.  All that we are as physical beings comes from the elements that are present here on our precious Blue-Green Planet Earth. Energetically, we are ONE with the earth. We are not having experiences on the earth, we are having experiences with the earth.

One benefit of being outside in nature is that you can establish some powerful energy relationships with the land, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. Consciously establishing these relationships aligns you with animal totems, serendipitous meetings, spirit guidance and deeper connection to the Earth Mother’s Core Crystal.  Nature is full of support for you – always offering a reflection of your alignment to Source Energy. In my experience, there is no better way to tap into and expand your Ideal Life than by grounding into and fully immersing yourself in the bounty and beauty of our Blue-Green Planet, Mother Earth.

Grounding while indoors has its benefits too!  My clients and I cannot always be outside to commune with nature. We have developed an inside practice that is effective in creating a connection and open channel to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth to activate the earth energies and Law of Attraction. Together, we breathe and ground before each session.

The best time to ground in is first thing in the morning, and it is beneficial to do so anytime throughout the day. Feeling stressed, emotionally upset or simply want to be fully in the moment? Grounding is the answer.  About to enter into a crucial or important conversation or written communication? Ground first, as it supports quieting the mind chatter and entering into focused, clear thinking. Grounding supports your connection to Source Energy and therefore, good feelings. It also holds the potential for our energy juices to flow in a calm, centered, high vibration manner.

Here is a quick breath exercise that will get you connected into Earth Mother and feeling grounded:

Using thoughts, speech, visualization, intention or any combination thereof, through the bottoms of your feet, send roots down into Mother Earth and draw in her energies. For two breaths – on the in-breath, bring Mother Earth’s energy up through your body and, on the out-breath, visualize it spraying out the top of your head like a fountain. Then, for the next four to six breaths, on the in-breath, bring the energy up, filling the body. Hold the energy for a moment and on the out-breath, set the intention to let the energy settle in your body.

The more you do this breath exercise, the more you will be grounded.

An Invitation to Begin Living as Your Own Leader

By Cheryl Bourget

I am very excited to invite you to our Living as Your Own Leader™ event. Living as Your Own Leader is about being the leader of your own reality.  Those who live as their own leader bring about change by taking personal responsibility in “what is”, accessing a broader perspective as a Source of Guidance, and taking inspired action to bring about a desired outcome.

The Living as Your Own Leader™ intensive program is designed for a small, intimate group of (5) participants ready to take personal responsibility in directing their lives from a broader perspective and deeper connection to themselves as an expression of Source. During this three-day event participants will expand in accessing, building partnership with, and learning to trust in their own personal Source of Guidance. Learn to free your mind of outdated beliefs, past conditioning, and old patterns to create the necessary space to expand into your broadest perspective to allow clarity and direction in all areas of your life.

You see, I believe with certainty that everyone has the ability to effectively connect with their own personal Source of Guidance. I also believe that actively building a relationship with and listening to this Source leads to powerful action steps resulting in a life that is a unique expression of enthusiasm and joy!

I have observed many people create amazing positive change in their lives through their connection to Source. This has led me to view my Source Connection as my primary resource for guidance, inspiration, and expansion. I have also observed that assisting people develop a relationship with their Source of Guidance enables them to experience an increased sense of empowerment and security in making critical personal and business decisions. As a result, people express feeling more satisfied and energized in their lives!

In having a strong partnership or connection with Source, you develop a “centeredness” and, in turn, “become at ease with yourself”. By learning to access this Source of Guidance, you will essentially bring yourself into harmony with the forces of the Universe. You will become more self-directed, authentic, focused, relaxed, and trusting in the process of your life. You will be Living as Your Own Leader!

At the Living as Your Own Leader™ event, I will partner the individual and group consciousness with my passion for expansion, coupled with my dynamic skill set and natural ability to inspire the shift in perspective necessary for transformation. Together, we will expand into building your relationship with your Source of Guidance by sharing in a variety of methods and resources for connection and listening more deeply when discerning insights and inspiration. I will also partner you in setting clear outcomes regarding what you want to experience in your life and offer suggestions on how to express these desires through your Source Connection.

Beyond developing strong communication skills with your Source of Guidance, the Living as Your Own Leader™ event will assist you in developing the mindset and self-care necessary to leverage the laws of creation to expand you into aligning more powerfully with your desires. As a result, you will be better able to take personal responsibility for experiencing the life you desire, both personally and professionally.

I look forward to partnering you on this amazing journey of self-discovery, growth, transformation, and expansion. The event activities will take place at my personal residence, Casa de La Cave, in Cave Creek, AZ.  For participants coming from out-of-town, information on nearby accommodations is available upon request. To access details and registration for our Living as Your Own Leader™ event, click here.  For questions regarding the event, contact Cheryl at (480)518-3660 or

Becoming Familiar with Your Source Connection

By Cheryl Bourget

“When we can bring ourselves in harmony with the forces of our Universe, achieving our dreams becomes far more possible than at any other time. We attain harmony when we are centered and at ease with ourselves.” Cheryl Bourget

I believe the most valuable skill I have and will ever need, both personally and professionally, is the ability to build a strong partnership with my Source. I define “Source” as that from which I, all that I perceive, and all that is possible originates. Source is that which guides and supports me during good and challenging times in my life.

In having this strong partnership or connection with my Source, I am essentially “centered and at ease with myself”.  It has allowed me to develop trust in my own personal inner guidance system, providing clarity and direction on action steps that will support my desired results, both at work and in my personal life.

Ultimately, by learning to access this inner guidance system I have essentially brought myself into harmony with the forces of the Universe. I have become more self-directed, authentic, focused, relaxed, and trusting in the process of my life. I have learned to Live as My Own Leader.

Research has shown the intellect is just 12% of who we are. The subconscious mind is 88%. It has been very important for me, whenconnecting to Source, to learn to speakthe language of the subconsciousmind. The subconscious mind is the gateway though which the message of our Inner Spirit or Source Perspective flows to our thinking, conscious mind. We are essentially dual beings with both the conscious mind of the physical body and Inner Spirit as accessed through our subconscious mind.  To create more harmony and ease in life, it is essential to develop an open dialog with our Inner Spirit. This is the only way to be “open-minded” in one’s approach to life.  To learn more about the mind’s energy and Being Your Own Leader TM, refer these posts:  (part 1 of 2)    (part 2 of 2)

When we meditate, we bond the conscious self with Source. When we consciously begin to speak to our Inner Spirit energy and use it’s language, which is color, feeling (emotion), sound, taste, scent, touch, and sight… we come into harmony as a whole being and with the forces of the Universe.

A common desire I often hear from clients is, “I want to get to know my True Self”. The practice of daily connection to and communication with the broadest aspect of yourself – Inner Spirit, Source Perspective – will open and introduce you to yourself in new ways! This is a direct route to peace and inner harmony. Meditation or contemplation on a daily basis will expand your sense of awareness of your highest, most powerful self!

Following are two links to earlier blogs in which I explain tools that can assist you in connecting to your Source Perspective and become more familiar with your True Self.

In this blog, I explore the daily practice of HU:

Another way to connect, and one of my favorites, is through journaling.  Check out this blog on journaling at:

If you desire additional guidance and support in becoming familiar with your True Self, Cheryl is available to assist you.  She can be reached at 480-518-3660 or via email at

The Path of Spiritual Development Has Many Twists and Turns!

By Cheryl Bourget

Everyone encounters distractions in their life.  For some, this is a normal way of living; spending days, months, even years distracted from a greater Truth.

Those of us on a conscious path of spiritual development know that external circumstances are only a reflection of our inner reality and quality of relationship to Source perspective. We know we can use our attitude, placement of attention, and vision to harness spiritual energy and create a new realty based in a higher Truth.

As we move further into an enlightened state, however, something attempts to interfere and throws us out of balance. Some say it’s the ego’s attempt at maintaining control. Others say it’s the mind and body attached to unhealthy patterns resulting in a repetition of negative drama. I see it as a combination of all of these. We have a choice. We can get lost in reactivity and fill ourselves with worry, doubt and frustration, or we can see these obstacles for what they are ~ mere distractions.

Managing Distractions on the Spiritual Path As we embody higher and lighter vibrations of our true spiritual essence, our inner shadow aspects rise to the surface in order to receive the healing salve of self-love and acceptance. This, in itself, can be distracting. Add to this the typical indications of change we experience as we grow and evolve, and we become vulnerable to outside influences. Someone’s trivial grievance towards us feels like outrage. Money or health issues building up become overwhelming. Gossip pulls at us from every direction. These are signs that it’s time to stop, breathe, and turn inward in order to reconnect to our higher self and Source perspective.

Helpful Suggestions for Avoiding Spiritual Path Distractions Recognize the distractions. What typically distracts you? Do you get caught in power struggles, control games, worrying, caretaking others, complaining, people pleasing, or solving problems that don’t yet exist? When you bring awareness to your common distractions they will have less power over you.

See it for what it is. As soon as you catch yourself reacting, over analyzing, dramatizing, fantasizing, complaining or whatever it is you do to distract yourself, see it for what it is. Move into your higher-self perspective where you simply observe your thoughts, emotions, and behavior without judgment. Accept what is happening and remind yourself that it is just a distraction which will diminish as you withdraw your energy from it.

Find your humor. We often get serious with distractions thus giving them more power. Have a good laugh at yourself, the situation and anyone else involved. This will help you move out of your resistance and come back to your spiritual connection.

Focus on your higher purpose. As you go through your day, ask yourself what’s most important. Define your purpose for the day and stay focused on that. Let distractions move into the background from your highest purpose.

Spend time in silence. The external world can be very distracting. If we spend too much time focused on it, we start believing that it has power over us and forget that we create it through our inner world – thoughts, expectations, vision and vibration. Take time, each day, to connect to your higher-self and the Source of all life. Use meditation, contemplation, time in nature or whatever supports you to be with your Genuine Self in the current of Love.

Would you like guidance in managing the distractions that seem to be keeping you from your highest purpose?  Contact Cheryl today for an appointment to discuss a plan tailored to your specific experience and needs.  She can be reached at (480) 518-3660 or

Balancing Our Masculine and Feminine Energies

By Cheryl Bourget

 One key to a successful and fulfilling life is balancing your masculine and feminine energies.  If you take a look at your typical day, you’ll probably notice there are times when you’re very action oriented.  At other times, you’ll notice you’re not really doing much of anything, but instead, you’re simply being.

These two activities – doing and being – are the physical expression of the masculine and feminine energies.  One is motion and momentum oriented, the other is stillness and feeling oriented. One is the creating and making energy.  The other energy allows the creation to manifest by holding the fertile space. These terms have nothing to do with gender.  Everyone, whether male or female, is composed of both energies.

Masculine energy is assertive and action oriented. It’s the energy you use to go out into the world and get things done. You might also consider this your powerful energy. It’s focused, persistent and aggressive. This energy seeks to penetrate the world and make things happen. We tend to associate this energy with the personality or the ego.

Feminine energy is passive, vulnerable, and trusting. It’s the energy you use when you attract, magnetize or allow things into your life. It’s “be-ing” oriented rather than doing oriented. When expressing this energy, we tend to reach a deeper, more spiritual place. We tend to associate this energy with the soul.

If you’re like most people, you probably lean more toward one or the other. In fact, our culture places a premium on the masculine energy. Most of us are taught that we should be doing, accomplishing and producing something almost constantly.

We admire people who seem to get a lot done and sometimes judge ourselves if we can’t measure up to their accomplishments.  The problem, of course, with doing and accomplishing so much is we end up ignoring the opposite part of ourselves – our soul, our spiritual essence.

When our masculine energy is tipping the scales, we may be very successful in the world.  However, it’s difficult to find a place of fulfillment, satisfaction and contentment. No sooner do we complete one task, then we’re off to the next thing without taking time to nurture our souls.

On the other hand, if you’re more out of balance toward the feminine energy, you may have trouble focusing and following through on your ideas with action. In more extreme cases, you may even have trouble handling the challenges of the physical world, including making a living and managing money effectively.

When dwelling in an excess of feminine energy, you may experience difficulty taking charge of your direction.  When you’re in a state of accepting whatever the world wants to throw your way, you may find your life being more controlled by others than yourself.

As I mentioned initially, one key to a successful and fulfilling life is balancing these two primary energies. Set yourself up for a success and fulfillment by bringing your masculine and feminine energies into balance.  To identify the status of your masculine feminine balance, click on the assessment tool below:

 Masculine-Feminine Energy Balance Assessment

For your FREE thirty-minute consult to review your results call 480-518-3660 or email me at

Every Area of Your Life Has an Effect on Every Other Area

By Cheryl Bourget

My bet is, at this moment, you desire something about your life to be different.  And, if you were to take a few minutes to reflect on key areas of your life, you would see that you are out of balance.  The imbalance is your Spirit’s way of letting you know that YOU want change.

You see, as humans, we need to have all dimensions of our existence satisfied.  When we ignore one or more dimensions, we create an imbalance in our flow of energy which, in turn, disrupts our overall flow.  The disruption in flow halts satisfaction, thereby causing frustration and self-doubt.  This is usually why my clients experience a great flow of – new ideas, clients, money, or harmonious relationships – and then, one day, realize it has stopped.  They call and ask, “What did I do wrong?”   They are confused, discouraged, and vibrating in the frequency of old fears and patterns.  Self-doubt sets in and they are then forced to go back to the drawing board.  They have not done anything “wrong”, per se.  However, they have become caught up in one aspect of life, meanwhile neglecting to check-in with the remaining aspects of who they are.  They have temporarily forgotten the benefit of giving and receiving in ALL areas of their life!  Managing our energy distribution is essential to managing our mindset and experiencing continual and satisfying change.

There is a simple solution to this bump in your energy flow.  I am providing you with a Balance Wheel assessment.  The wheel highlights nine areas of creating that serves most folk’s in connecting to their Spirit and expressing their unique personality.  It will help you to identify which area of your life needs your immediate attention.

Here’s an example.  A person who feels stress in their finances and is very focused on that piece of the pie will often learn that they are also out of balance in the area of exercise (physical).  They may not be able to make the change they desire with their finances in this red hot moment, but they can start taking baby steps in making change with their health or fitness.  They may even feel inspired to take a class or workshop that will help sharpen their focus and make beneficial social connections.  The bonus is, once they shift the focus and begin moving their overall energy again, all areas of their life will begin to flow and feel better, thereby allowing them to achieve the results they want!

Now is the time to assess your energy flow and devise a plan to bring yourself into balance.  Click on the Balance Wheel link below and take the assessment. For your FREE thirty-minute consult to review your results call 480-518-3660 or email me at

Balance Wheel Assessment

Taking a Breath – Giving the Mind a Moment to Refresh…

By Cheryl Bourget

One way I connect and expand into my Source perspective is through focused awareness of my breath.  Breath is vital to life. I believe Source Energy inhaled, and then exhaled me into creation on my birth day. This Energy of Creation continues to circulate through every cycle of my inhale-exhale, connecting me to and through all living things.

We are creators in the breath of life and, therefore, have the capacity to create our experiences. Whether we know it or not, our mind, through our thoughts (and the emotion connected to those thoughts), is constantly creating for us.  If we recognize our oneness with our Source and the connectedness we have with that Spirit, we realize that we are co-creators with Source in the breath of life.  In knowing this, we can realize that we create the same way Source creates. Because we are awakening consciousness to this new idea in the creation process, maybe we create on a smaller scale.  Realizing that we are able to create is the first step in visualizing our own reality.

Every time we take a breath, we are creating our world around us. We must look at and appreciate our life experiences, because if we don’t, we are just denying our own power of existence — our own creation!   Knowing we are the creators and taking responsibility is a turning point in our ability to be deliberate creators of our desired outcomes.

With every perceived problem or challenge in life, we have an opportunity to change it. It is my experience that it can be as simple as changing my mind.  Although that seems too simplistic, it really is quite powerful. After recognizing the challenge, we have a moment, when we breathe, to change our energy and align with our Source perspective.

There is always a chance to shift perspective – to allow for another experience. By taking a breath, it gives the mind a moment to refresh. This concept can be used in all areas of your life. You can create harmony and peaceful vibrations in any situation in your life. There is no limit to the manifestations available. Use breath for deepening meditation, expanding consciousness into your Source perspective, increasing intuition, creating harmonious environments, loving relationships and a healthy body and mind.

Take a moment right now to notice…your body has been breathing life into and through you, with no effort on your part, the whole time you have been reading this blog post.  Now that you have your attention on it, you can begin to participate in its flow.

Try this one-minute focusing breath exercise and realize how quickly you can feel better, shift perspective, or receive inspiration!

Sit back and relax, close your eyes, and bring all of your attention to your breath. Breathe.  Now start participating – inhale filling your abdomen and chest completely – hold your breath at the top for 5 counts- then exhale emptying your chest and abdomen completely – hold your breath at the bottom for 5 seconds.  Do this for 5 full cycles – then drop back into your regular pattern of breathing. Open your eyes and note for yourself how you feel.

You can do this exercise any time you feel stressed, low on energy, unfocused, anxious, or just want to feel better overall, more grounded, or receive inspiration!

Cheryl is available to share her expertise in implementing a combination of processes and tools, specific to you, in creating the life experience and relationships you desire.  To find out more on how she can be of service to you, call (480) 518-3660 or email



Hello Spring! A Special Offering from Cheryl

Do you desire to enjoy…

  • Your ideal weight?
  • Better health?
  • Achievement of a fitness goal?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I can support you in achieving the SHIFT necessary to begin making your desires a reality.

I too, at one time or another, have had each of these same desires and have been able to make the deep and satisfying change needed to realize my desired result.

I want to share with you the inner and outer processes and tools that revealed the action steps necessary for me, and others like me, to accept transformation beyond what I once believed possible. The bonus you will receive is that the processes and tools I share with you can be used over and over again in any area of your life in need of an upgrade!

For details on how I can support you, call me at (480) 518-3660 or email

The Miracle Mindset

By Cheryl Bourget

Webster dictionary defines a “miracle” as:
1: an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
2: an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

I believe the extraordinary, outstanding, unusual event defined as a “miracle” takes place with humans first and overflows into their affairs! I believe in – The Miracle Mindset!

I am so blessed by the depth of profound inner personal life-changing work that so many of my clients are doing right now through empowered perception and choice. They are taking personal responsibility; they are getting creative, listening to their deepest longings, and moving personal mountains. It seems my clients are learning to awaken from their victim consciousness of “Life happens to me,” into a trust in their Source connection that “Grace happens through me.” This returns them to -A Miracle Mindset.

The Miracle Mindset awakens when you put your most complicated or embarrassing situations, greatest confusion or fear, and biggest requests into the hands of Divine Intervention to orchestrate an outcome that is beyond your current state of comprehension or imagination. When you can’t see the way through and feel you need a miracle, your job is to trust that guidance, someone or something, is coming to you in this moment or exactly when you need it. Look for it, listen for it, and remain deeply present to receive it and willing to act upon it.

The Miracle Mindset reunites you with your Higher Self. This Self is the Source Energy that unites and makes whole all people, places and situations. It absolves and compensates us even for huge mistakes, misdirection or injustices. It absolves with wisdom- holding on to the teaching but letting go of the burden of suffering- so that you can return to love and let the stream of well-being back in.

Sometimes when living within a Miracle Mindset, miracles seem to appear out of no where as an intervention for safety and security – Often times as a just missed accident, or the showing up of resources just in time to pay a bill, or being in the right place at the right time. The Miracle may present itself as the experience of a long held dream coming together against all odds, like a woman becoming pregnant after being told she could never have babies. Sometime, we are able to finally forgive or be forgiven and we are returned to a state of Love never experienced before.

We are all creating our life’s experiences all the time consciously and unconsciously; the Miracles too!

Cheryl Bourget can provide the tools and support to guide you in your Miracle Mindset. Give her a call. She would love to hear from you. (480-518-3660)